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About Games2win

Games2win (G2W) is the publisher of global hit titles such as Parking Frenzy, Super Mom, The ‘Fab Designer’ series & over 40 others, with over 45 million downloads worldwide on the iOS, Android & Kindle app stores. Parking Frenzy was ranked #1 on the US iTunes App Store (free app & game).

We are one of the largest casual gaming companies in the world and feature in the top gaming properties of the world (USA and the World, as per comScore reports). We have an extremely strong DAU and MAU online and mobile user base (80% outside of India) that has been built organically, without ANY advertising support or paid installations.

Top tier investors such as Clearstone Venture Partners, Nirvana Venture Advisors & Silicon Valley Bank have funded G2W. The founders of G2W Inc. are Alok Kejriwal – serial entrepreneur and Mahesh Khambadkone, an online gaming specialist.

We Need

While we have published over 50 unique mobile games, most of these games have been deployed in 2D art style via platforms such as Unity, Cocos 2dx, Adobe Air. etc.

We have a strong ambition to leverage our leadership in the Racing category in the Mobile App Stores and build 3D Racing games  – a genre that has become very popular now.

To produce these games, we need a skilled 3D Games Producer.

Position: 3D Games Producer – Games2win

Reporting to : CTO of the Company  – Mahesh Khambadkone.

Based in – Mumbai

Background and Experience:

The ideal candidate should love games, and understand the process of making 3D games. You should have published at least three 3D games on the mobile app stores, at least one of which has been ported to Android and iOS, using Unity3D.

You should understand your role in any 3D game project.

You should play 3D CASUAL mobile games regularly, and be aware of what consumers expect from such games, from a gameplay and art perspective.

You should have an eye for detail and excellent communication skills.

Candidates with past hands-on experience as a senior developer or artist in a 3D mobile game project will be preferred.

Role & Responsibilities:

You would be expected to:

  • Work with Product Managers and game designers to get a pipeline of Game Design Documents.  Work actively with them to understand expectations viz. reference art, and game mechanics, and to arrive at time & cost budgets.
  • Understand game scope and expectations clearly, should be able to de-brief & address questions from art and engineering teams.
  • Prepare project plans, taking into account all stakeholders and participants, from artists, programmers, testers, product managers, marketing and publishing teams.
  • Be hands-on in plannng. From defining naming conventions and art specifications of the art teams, to ensuring sensible technical plans are in place by developers.
  • Track progress of games regularly. Where necessary, escalate or take decisions on bottlenecks that may arise in production.
  • Play an active role in hiring 3D game teams, either internally or when selecting external vendors.

Salaries and ESOPs

Games2win likes to meet candidates and then offer them compensation basis their experience and passion.

Games2win’s ESOPs are very valuable and have proven to enrich employees (see note).

The 3D Games Producer will be entitled to handsome ESOPSs of the Company!

Next Steps

If the role interests you:

  • Tell us what 3D games you have produced and provide links
  • Download CSR and Dr. Driving and tell us how will you produce a similar game for Games2win – Dr. Driving styled for India, or CSR for bikes

Send your thoughts with your introduction and expectations to: – CTO & Co-Founder – Product Head

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