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About Games2win

Games2win (G2W) is the publisher of global hit titles such as Parking Frenzy, Super Mom, The ‘Fab Designer’ series & over 40 others, with over 45 million downloads worldwide on the iOS, Android & Kindle app stores. Parking Frenzy was ranked #1 on the US iTunes App Store (free app & game).

We are one of the largest casual gaming companies in the world and feature in the top gaming properties of the world (USA and the World, as per comScore reports). We have an extremely strong DAU and MAU online and mobile user base (80% outside of India) that has been built organically, without ANY advertising support or paid installations. Since we have operated in the global mobile space for over four years now, we have gained a ton of insights about what makes great mobile games; thanks to our # 1 hits.

Top tier investors such as Clearstone Venture Partners, Nirvana Venture Advisors & Silicon Valley Bank have funded G2W. The founders of G2W Inc. are Alok Kejriwal – serial entrepreneur and Mahesh Khambadkone, an online gaming specialist.

Position: Delivery Head

Position Based in: Mumbai

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Take ownership of the calendar of releases at Games2win, for both mobile and web games.  You would have to  swear by deadlines agreed upon with Product Managers.
  • Work with multiple Product Managers to understand product vision, product scope and delivery expectations.
  • Plan resources of multiple teams to achieve these development goals.  The teams include art, programming, QC, marketing, publishing and analytics.
  • Build out your team to help track project status.
  • Implement, and ensure adherence to, any processes or tools you deploy to manage your projects.
  • Provide weekly progress reports on fixed day & time, to management and PMs.

Who could you be? Background and Experience

  • Past experience managing resources across multiple concurrent software projects
  • Have worked with dynamic teams (resource pools) – this is not your typical one-team-for-whole-project-scenario
  • Expertise with industry-standard tools that are used to track and monitor project progress
  • Self-driven, ideally functioned previously at an owner-level
  • You would be an ideal candidate if you have worked in an apps company or mobile games Company before as a Delivery Manager.

If not, you could still be:

  • Managing delivery at mobile / online advertising organisations
  • Managing multiple movies and musical projects
  • A music conductor with Project Management Professional training !


– Some kind of degree that proves that you have studied & are educated.

– You must have industry references of living people.

Who will you be reporting to?

Mahesh Khambadkone – COO of

Age & Experience

4 to 8 years work experience. We are open to the level of experience you bring along.

Working in line with

The Product Management, Production Coordinators, Art, Programming, Marketing & QA crews of the Company.


As a practice, we have typically matched candidates with their existing salary packages and throw in lucrative performance incentives; and of course ESOPs.*

*In the exit of mobile2win China to Disney, and when Nirvana Venture Funds invested into Games2win – the group has now a proven track record of demonstrating how valuable its company ESOPs can be.
The idea is to make you take an ownership role and then provide additional compensation on performance.

Note that we do not want people to join us just for a better salary. We don’t bribe people to join us. Instead, we want people to join us for the love of what we do and the opportunity to shine professionally!

Growth and prospects – Becoming COO!

Mobile games and apps are multi billion products in their own right. A single game like Candy Crush and Angry Birds made the world go crazy! A product like Clash of Clans has generated 1 billion dollars in revenues! Each of these companies built and published numerous games before making these hits.  The ability to reliably predict and deliver games on budget, schedule & to quality, defines a successful games company. Great Chief Delivery Officers make for excellent COOs, and that is  the opportunity at Games2win!

Next Steps

If this role interests you, then we have some homework for you:

Tell us how you will plan the entire delivery of the following scenario, describing as much as possible, including, but not limited to, tools you will use, people you will hire, how teams will be defined, reports to be prepared, and escalation matrixes.:-


Games2win has a product pipeline of 10 titles, each having to be published for Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows Phone. Products are owned by Product Managers , who are responsible for the revenue / distribution targets of the games.

There is a common pool of 4 Product Managers, 6 game designers, 20 artists, 15 testers and 11 engineers (6 Unity and 5 Adobe AIR engineers).

Each game needs to be launched in the following sequence : Android, iOS, Kindle then Windows.

Assume that each game takes 3 months to build from scratch, and 1 month to port across platform.

How will you ensure the timely delivery of these projects, without sacrificing quality ?

For any questions about this assignment, please email

Send your final CV  and responses to: – CEO, Games2win, and – COO, Games2win.  We will call interesting candidates for further discussions on the scenario.

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