Miranda Sings Games2win’s latest game ‘Miranda Sings Vs Haters’ (iTunes/Android) was built in collaboration with Global Top 10 YouTube celebrity Colleen Ballinger aka ‘Miranda Sings’. The game reached the top ranks on the iTunes USA charts on the weekend of 3rd December 2015. This was achieved without any user acquisition, media spends or iTunes USA promotions.

For us at Games2win, this was reminiscent of our glory moment when Parking Frenzy topped all the charts worldwide.

Miranda Sings
What did we do and what were the learnings we applied to achieve these coveted ranks with Miranda Sings?

  1. We worked with a ‘Digital Celebrity’!

Our humble experience has taught us that Celebrities who are ‘digital natives’ truly understand digital brand franchises (our game in this case) and are completely committed to making new ideas succeed.

Colleen Ballinger (Miranda) worked dedicatedly with us through the 4 month production cycle of the game and was involved in the smallest of nitty-gritties to make the game amazingly true to her style and in sync with what her fans love!

Miranda Sings

  1. We worked for a Target Audience we really understand!

Games2win has been successful in entertaining tween girls & boys with Dress Up games and Driving and Parking games (yeah!). Over the past 7 years, we have entertained over 100 million tweens across US and other western markets.

When we started discussing this game with Colleen, we were very pleased to learn that she is recognized as a SUPER STAR by our target audience.

We excitedly took on the project of building this game for our audience, knowing they would be delighted by who the game represented!

Miranda Sings

  1. We focused on details, details, details!

Consider this real wall in Colleen’s home. We were inspired by it and meticulously recreated the same in a level of the game.

While we wanted to make the game look as real as Miranda’s life as possible, what really made us happy was this tweet we received from one of Miranda’s fans! It proved that attention to detail delivers loads of delight!

Miranda Sings

  1. We used Sounds, Music and Extras to Enhance the Experience!

‘Miranda Sings Vs Haters’ is a hidden object game and while it is quite casual and lightweight, we leveraged lots of sounds, music and Miranda’s real voice to create a uniquely magical experience.

Miranda recorded around 50 – 60 dialogues for the game and we also created a ton of her ‘expressions’ that were sold as in-app purchases in the game.

Miranda’s fans (Mirfandas) really liked the extras and reciprocated with much feedback and love!

Take a look at Miranda’s reaction to the game:

  1. We focused on Game Experience (GX) above all!

We have learned the hard way that no matter how celebrated the IP or how extensive the promotions (in this case we had no love from iTunes nor any media spends to promote the game), what always boosts game ranking and popularity is a delightful, awesome, fantastically amazing game experience we call GX. GX is a combination of game engine selection (we chose hidden object and mini puzzles), UI, UX and just the ‘fun feel’ of a game.

And what is the testimony for great GX?
User ratings and reviews of course!

The ‘Miranda Sings vs Haters’ game scored massive ratings- 4.9 and 4.9 on iTunes and Google Play and generated an avalanche of very positive reviews. The volume of ratings and reviews beat even the games ahead of us in ranks!

This unique combination of great IP & awesome GX made us reach our top ranked positions!

Images of game ratings and reviews on the store:

Miranda Sings

Games2win is committed to creating awesome games and looks forward to working with celebrities and stars! If you have any queries, please mail – alok@games2win.com (CEO).