Role: Product Manager – Koimoi (Digital Entertainment Portal)

Location : Mumbai / Remote

Experience required: Over 7 years of work experience

Reporting to: The Co-founder

Company Description is amongst the top entertainment portals in India and a leading voice of Bollywood & now Hollywood. Koimoi is part of the 2win Group (; mobile2win; and is known for its in-depth, unbiased and intense coverage of the Entertainment industry. We attract over 7 million users a month organically who visit the site repeatedly. For more details, please refer to the Company profile available here.

Job Description

The Product Manager will be responsible for maximising the reach of Koimoi. He/She will work in close collaboration with the editor, continuously map competitor websites that serve Bollywood and Hollywood content. He/she will also strategize on how Koimoi can soar in terms of ranks and audience in the ever-expanding digital entertainment new market. He/She will be involved in discussing new features, UI, UX, Viral Hooks & content plans with the management and editor, and continuously work on a calendar to improve the existing product. Prior experience in building and scaling digital web entertainment products would be a definite advantage. 


  • Researching the key revenue drivers of traffic for Koimoi, creating a matrix of our competition, mapping the market (India and US/Global) and striving to improve our traffic metrics month on month.
  • Understanding and improving the SEO strength of the sites with the help of external partners
  • Hiring internal team members
  • Ideating and presenting deep & innovative ideas for new features to improve our business and offering
  • Be completely involved in the day-to-day operations of the business with the Editor
  • Be the owner of the property and its future roadmap. Create a well-ideated plan with business insights & industry research etc.) and closely the look, feel, UI, UX of the property
  • You must be very strong at numbers and analytics. It will be critical for you to work with the monetisation team and understand how we can improve the revenue of the business on a sustainable and ongoing basis. (Note: This is not a revenue role)
  • Plan analytics events and iterate features by using data analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Studying market trends and iterating quickly with moving trends
  • Check the progress of the development of the property through all production stages. This would include creating, managing and producing wire-frame to end product rollouts
  • Understand global sensitivities, aesthetics, and be able to delight a global digital audience that loves to read about entertainment!


  • Must possess deep knowledge and passion for the entertainment industry
  • Understand SEO and what generates Google love!
  • An eye for perfection
  • User empathy with an obsession for user experience
  • In-depth knowledge and passion for Web-based business
  • Knowledge of Apps will be an advantage
  • Highly motivated and driven to improve and innovate
  • Have a passion for organic growth strategies and discipline to keep trying experiments constantly
  • Experience in Data Analytics
  • A DEEP love for UX, UI, best practices of digital design and delight


  • Be a team member of Koimoi – a leading entertainment publisher, backed by the 2win group of successful companies such as Games2win, etc. that have been thriving for the past 20 years
  • Join a team of passionate young professionals in a profitable established business, providing exponential career growth and learning capabilities
  • Deliver prestigious global experiences that delights users
Next Steps

If this role of Product Manager at Koimoi interests you, then we have a set of assignments for you. Please study each of them carefully and complete them, giving it your best effort. Given the seniority and compensation level of this position, we place utmost importance to this assignment. Please attempt it thoroughly and diligently.

Good luck!

Assignment 1: Mapping Competition.

Who do you think we at Koimoi compete with? Create a google sheet matrix that defines how you think of Koimoi and its competition and the different parameters (product features, content etc.) that you see missing or needed, and why. 

Assignment 2: Understanding of User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)

Spend time on the Koimoi website on its mobile web property and amp pages. What do you think is lacking? What have we missed? What makes you not want to come back? What could we change that would DELIGHT visitors and get them hooked?

Assignment 3: Features and Enhancements:

If you are given the business and product ownership of Koimoi, what would you do and why?

In your plan, please share the following:

– Product enhancements, features, UI, UX suggestions, monetisation ideas, Content plans.
– Team members, you would require and their timelines to produce the game as per your specifications?
– How would you improve the site’s monetisation? 

If you need analytics access or more details, we would be more than happy to provide them to you.

Send your assignment response with your introduction and expectations to –