What are the metrics under the hood of a No. 1 iTunes App?

How many downloads are needed? What are the DAUs (Daily Active Users) required? What happens in different App markets globally? What are the tipping points?

What does it take to be No.1?

These are regular questions than haunt most Games and App developers. Unfortunately, as Game developers ourselves, in search of these answers, we did not find transparent, honest and reliable metrics that gave us a clear perspective on these important questions.

Luckily, we landed up with a No.1 App on our hands and decided it was good Karma to share all the knowledge that we had gained, with the Universe!

So, here is a simple 10-slide deck with details of the 5 important Tipping points that we learnt from our No.1 app.

5 Interesting Tipping points and what they taught us via our No.1 game Parking Frenzy

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Please download, use, distribute and enjoy our presentation (click on the thumbnail below to view it on Slideshare)!

The 5 Tipping Points & what they taught us

The 5 Tipping Points & what they taught us

In case you missed, please also read ‘The 5 lessons we learnt from our No.1 Game, Parking Frenzy‘. This is a detailed discussion of the Game with a focus on content and other softer issues.