Teamwork, with awesome & supportive leadership makes the dream work!!! Here is how Games2win India Pvt Ltd and responded to COVID19 with adapted working policies- Work from Home, Forever!

At Games2win India Pvt Ltd and, we have gone ALL IN…. WFH is forever! This is the mail that our CEO, Alok Kejriwal shared with all our colleagues:

“Dear Colleagues,

In the past few months, we have settled into our regular routines of work from home. Many have moved back to our home towns.

Going forward, I wanted to share our policy of how we think of ‘place of work’ for all of us:

– We are completely neutral & open to allow YOU the choice of your work location. Simply said, you can work from wherever you want to (Hometown, Mumbai, Mumbai office) basis your choice, for however long you want. This is NOT limited to the COVID period and will be applicable even AFTER COVID gets over.

Therefore, if you are worrying about if you will be asked to come to Mumbai and work from here’, DO NOT BE. You can continue working from wherever you are, forever.

– For Company gatherings, periodic meetings your team may require etc. we may request you to visit Mumbai office, whose logistics etc. will be provided by us at our cost to you.

Of course, for our Mumbai colleagues, once COVID is over and the situation becomes safe, our offices will be fresh, bright and open and will welcome you to work from our premises (as you previously did), in case YOU DECIDE to work from the office….”

– Alok Kejriwal (CEO and Co-Founder of Games2win) 

Alok Kejriwal is a digital entrepreneur, based in Mumbai. He sold his last company to Disney. He currently runs Games2win and writes extensively on #dhandhekibaat. Connect with Alok on Linkedin, Twitter @rodinhood Facebook. Read his best articles here!