About Us

Games2win is one of the top 20 online gaming businesses in the world (as per comScore) and we take our games (oops business) very seriously!

A top tier VC funded business, Games2win entertains over 15 million unique users each month via our portals, our 750+ proprietary games, our very own in-game ads network and our mobile social network for applications and games.

Take a look at our Executive Deck below:

Download our Executive Deck from here.

We work with the biggest, smartest & the best in the business – some of our partners include:

It will be our pleasure to work with you and help create just the solution you are looking for.

Have fun and game hard!

Software Compliance & Infringement Issues:
In case of any software compliance issues and enquiries for the Company please mail Chief Financial Officer, Satish Iyer at satish@c2wgroup.com and Chairman, Alok Kejriwal at alok@c2wgroup.com.

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