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About Games2win

Games2win (G2W) is the publisher of global hit titles such as Parking Frenzy, Super Mom, The ‘Fab Designer’ series & over 40 others, with over 45 million downloads worldwide on the iOS, Android & Kindle app stores. Parking Frenzy was ranked #1 on the US iTunes App Store (free app & game).

We are one of the largest casual gaming companies in the world and feature in the top gaming properties of the world (USA and the World, as per comScore reports). We have an extremely strong DAU and MAU online and mobile user base (80% outside of India) that has been built organically, without ANY advertising support or paid installations.

Top tier investors such as Clearstone Venture Partners, Nirvana Venture Advisors & Silicon Valley Bank have funded G2W. The founders of G2W Inc. are Alok Kejriwal – serial entrepreneur and Mahesh Khambadkone, an online gaming specialist.

Who We Need

We have operated extensively in the mobile space for two years now and have gained a ton of insights about what makes great mobile games; thanks to our # 1 Global hits such as Parking Frenzy.

We now have a pipeline of deep mobile games planned for the next calendar year. These are fully loaded games with in app purchases and extensive game play.

Position: Sr. Game Designer – Games2win

Reporting into : CEO of the company – Alok Kejriwal.

Based in – Mumbai

Background and Experience:

We are seeking someone with a scientific approach to game design. Someone who understands core game loops, currency and monetisation tricks for casual games is a must. The candidate should have deep knowledge about successful games in Western Markets, and the core elements of game design that made those games incredibly successful.

Someone with about 5 years work experience as Game Designer/Producer, with proven experience in building mobile or online casual/social games.  Around 27-28 years of age or older.

The candidate would have :

    • At least two year’s experience in designing games for iOS / Android.
    • Past experience creating game design documents from concept briefs. This would include defining game rules, level progression, monetisation ideas and defining the user-interface in the game.
    • Co-ordinated with art, programming and QC teams to get a complete game produced.

  • An understanding of consumer behavior through numbers, and an ability to change game design elements to improve on those key engagement or monetisation metrics.
  • Managed a team of other game designers.
  • A passion for mobile games, and should be playing iOS or Android games on a regular basis.

Role & Responsibilities:

The candidate would be capable of :

  • Work closely with the Product Managers in conceiving and pitching game ideas to the CEO.
  • Being able to design in depth and scientific Game Design Documents using the best practices of the top games in the industry. The document needs to cover all details/references/guidelines for the art and programming teams.
  • Work with the creative, art and programming team to make sure all the game related production is as per the Game design document.
  • Constantly updating himself and the game design/product teams with new innovations in game design practices
  • Managing a creative team of game designers, and supervising and approving their design documents of all game designers to make sure that all game elements are in harmony
  • Working with the product manager and analytics team in understanding the game update cycle and requirements, and creating the necessary design documents accordingly
  • Constantly playing and researching other top games for ideas regarding clever game design

Salaries and ESOP’s

Games2win likes to meet candidates and then offer them compensation basis their experience and passion.

Games2win’s ESOP’s are very valuable and have proven to enrich employees (see note).

The Senior Game Designer will be entitled to handsome ESOPS’s of the Company!

Next Steps

If the role interests you, then either:

– Download Parking Frenzy from the app store, and tell us how you could have made –

  • The consumer experience more engaging
  • The monetisation strategy more profitable
  • What tips and tricks would you use to keep the user playing this game for longer

– Please be organized and scientific in your presentation of this assignment, and use as many examples from other top games as possible. Best of Luck!

Send your CV and thoughts to:

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