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Unity Technical Leads – Games2win wants you!

What the Job is all about (Role and Responsibility):

  • Be tech lead for all game projects in Unity.
  • Prototype and / or architect game concepts that can be followed-through by game teams.
  • Troubleshoot issues that the various game teams are facing with Unity games. These include solving game-related bugs, to issues with ad SDKs, leaderboard APIs and any device specific issues that may crop-up.
  • Review game code from team and from partners to ensure they adhere to standards, and are coded well.
  • Define standards to be followed for games in Unity.
  • Understand GDDs of games to be developed, and be able to think ahead of implementation challenges in delivering the game. Basis this, provide relevant feedback to management and rest of the game team.
  • Work with the art teams to define art formats required, and be responsible for ensuring the art works in the game.
  • Keep up to date on relevant core technologies and best practices, so as to make suggestions to product teams on new game mechanics or APIs available.

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Volcano Flight Frenzy – The Trailer

games2win is proud to present trailer of its new iOS Game App – “Volcano Flight Frenzy”

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