Games2win is amongst the top gaming networks from India as per comScore and is currently inviting proposals to:

RFP for Financial Learning Content for our Stock Market Game to be presented in a Quiz format:- Games2win wants to gamify stock trading and make people understand what it means to trade, invest and build long term wealth using the power of stocks. We seek very easy to understand, snacky content that can be quickly read in a couple of minutes and then ‘quizzified’ to instill a tenet of investing which can later be turned into a quiz for players to answer. Click here to know more about our requirement.

RFP for Development of Share Trading Game:- Games2win seeks partners to help build a stock trading mobile game for Android and iOS. The game will rely on live data feeds from the stock exchanges, and allow players to use virtual money to build their portfolio, and participate in regular tournaments. Click here to know more about our requirement.

Mobile Game Development Partners:-Games2win seeks talented and experienced game development partners, preferably located in India, but we are open to working with international teams too. Click here to know more about our requirement

Represent & sell Games2win’s (India) Ad Inventory:-The games2win sites generate very high performing advertising inventory that we are now exploring to open up to independent ad networks, sales houses, individual sales professionals and agencies to represent and sell. Click here for more information

RFP for SmartFox Developers:-Games2win owns and operates Chimpoo.com, a virtual world for kids aged 7-12, which is built using Flash on the client-side, and SmartFox (www.smartfoxserver.com) in the backend for all the virtual world’s “business rules”. It also utilizes a RoR supplementary web-site to handle user registration and payments. We periodically add new functionality that requires development in SmartFox and / or RoR. We are seeking partners who can understand the existing implementation, and take on development work for this product on a piece-meal basis. Click here to view the RFP in detail