Star Analyst

Track 4: Star Analyst
Focus: In Game analytics
Rewards and benefits :

Effort Grade (Score)* Cash Prize (Rs) Additional benefits
5-6 5000
7-8 10000 Games2win can offer you projects
9-10 20000 Games2win can offer you projects

*Scoring of Game Analytics submissions will be done by our own team of expert analytics team members who will also provide feedback on your score.

What you need to do: Understand a game’s analytics via its funnels and reports (made by us) and spot trends, problems and opportunities! If you have ideas of in-game metrics that we have missed to record, you can make a recommendation of those too. As a game analyst, you could also suggest improvement in gameplay mechanics or changes in the UI/UX of the game.

Tools & Templates that you can use:
For the game analytics track submission, you can (fill in the current analytics mandate we have to recruit analysts).