Star Artist

Track 2: Star Artist
Focus: Game Art – Graphics, UI, UX, In-game art, 2D and or 3D
Rewards and benefits :

Effort Grade (Score)* Cash Prize (Rs) Additional benefits
5-6 5000
7-8 10000 Games2win can offer you projects
9-10 20000 Games2win can offer you projects

*Scoring of Game Art submissions will be done by our own team of expert artists who will also provide feedback on your score.

What you need to do: Create awesome game Art! This could be any (or all of these): UI, In-Game screens, character art (2D or 3D or both), backgrounds, game assets (cars, buildings etc).

Tools & Templates that you can use:
For the game art track submission, you need to work on a game that we own (links) so that you have a live game to work on.

Open mandate:
Consider this game called “Crazy Indian Driving” that we are developing at Games2win (in beta). Download and experience the art that exists in the current game. You are welcome to improve the game art to any extent you like!

If you are interested, please fill in this form and we will get in touch with you on the next steps.