Star Designer

Track 1: Star Designer:
Focus: Game & Level Design

Rewards and benefits :

Effort Grade
Cash Prize
5-6 5000
7-8 10000 Games2win projects
9-10 20000 Games2win projects

*Scoring of Game Level Design submissions will be done by our own team of expert designers who will also provide feedback on your score.

What you need to do: Create awesome game levels and gameplay!

Tools and Templates that you can use:
For game idea submission, you can use this template ( Product notes templates: Treasure Hunt; Snow Driving Mode ) that we call “Core Loop” (Acronym).

For level design, you can download sample APKs of game engines available here and then design game levels in Unity for that engine (available free for students and individuals).

Consider this game called “Driving Academy India” that we are developing at Games2win (in beta). This was the game pitch (core loop), this was the engine we used and this is the game that has come out of it. (you are welcome to also design newer crazy levels for this game!).

If you are interested, please fill in this form and we will get in touch with you on the next steps.