Star Programmer

Track 3: Star Programmer
Focus: Game Programming in Unity
Rewards and benefits :

Effort Grade (Score)* Cash Prize (Rs) Additional benefits
5-6 10000
7-8 20000 Games2win can offer you projects
9-10 30000 Games2win can offer you projects

*Scoring of Game Programming submissions will be done by our own team of expert programmers who will also provide feedback on your score.

What you need to do: Write a great game code! (Unity only).

Tools & Templates that you can use:
For the game programming track submission, you need to work on a game engine that you like and would want to develop further. If you would like, we can also make some of our game engines available to you or even buy a specific engine that you have identified (basis our discussions).

Open mandate:
Consider this game called “Crazy Indian Driving” that we are developing at Games2win (in beta). You can vastly improve the programming of the game if you wish (adding special driving effects, modes, etc – all as per your interest).

If you are interested, please fill in this form and we will get in touch with you on the next steps.