Star Rainmaker

Track 5: Star Rainmaker (Monetizer)
Focus: In Game monetization
Rewards and benefits :

Effort Grade (Score)* Cash Prize (Rs) Additional benefits
5-6 5000
7-8 10000 Games2win can offer you projects
9-10 20000 Games2win can offer you projects

*Scoring of Game Monetisation submissions will be done by our own team of expert analytics team members who will also provide feedback on your score.

What you need to do: Understand a game’s existing monetization set up and suggest ways of improving them. To be clear, we do not want suggestions such as “Add real brands to the game; get direct campaigns” etc. We are looking for in-game monetization improvements that have to do with improving ad waterfalls, better placement of native / newer ads & formats, creating an opportunity for user-generated advertising triggers (rewarded ads) etc. You need to be able to suggest smoother, non-intrusive methods and ideas of improving a games monetization.

Tools & Templates that you can use:
For the game analytics Game Monetization track submission, you can play any of these games of ours and tell us what could you do to improve the monetization of these games.