Request For Proposals for Service Provider


Request for Proposals for Service Provider


Games2win operates and – two leading casual gaming sites in India.

We are also the second largest games networks from India as per comScore.

We are looking for a service provider to provide internet connectivity to our company of 120 people spread across 3 floors in a building.

We will require a 4Mbps internet connection with a backup line.

The provider will have to make a visit to our offices to conduct a feasibility study, given the hardwares that we operate (routers, switches, software running e.g. Squid configuration) and provide us a solution that will :

1. Have 99.9% uptime

2. Switch to backup lines automatically if there is a failure in primary line (and switch back automatically if there’s a failure)

3. Provide a clear escalation matrix that is available 24×7

4. Allow us to do internal reporting or troubleshooting easily – block sites, track bandwidth consumption

5. Nice to Have:
a. Set-up environment to allow users from outside the office to access our servers in a secured manner

b. On-demand reports on usage (sites being accessed / bandwidth consumed per user)

If you are interested, please send a mail to with a brief description of your Company and your experience in this field.

Games2win Technology Team.

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  1. Good topic to share with us.Because before reading your this topic.I don’t know that this website have 2 biggest and famous websites on internet.This is a large company of video games.So thanks for this great topic.

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