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Fashion Consultant for Dress Up Games (Closed)

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

Our “Dress Up” games are very popular amongst the Tween, Teen and Young Girl Adults predominantly in the USA and Top European Countries. For these games, we want you to:

  • Be our Fashion Guide, Guru and Mentor! Tell us what is trending, what’s hot; what’s not, what’s making young girls all over the world go crazy. The insights we need are not just for clothes, but also for accessories, clothes, bags, imitation jewelry, tattoos and all things girls like!
  • Be very digitally savvy. We would need you to send us links, instagrampics, tweets, blog pictures etc as reference links. We make mobile games for young girls who are constantly on their phones and you will need to really understand their frame of mind.
  • We will want you to visit our office in Tardeo – South Mumbai to meet with our Product Managers and Artists and discuss new concepts and ideas with them.
  • Understand the challenges of translating ideas into small mobile screens and hence be innovative and inventive in suggestions & ideas.
  • Be a Fashionista! Create so much excitement with our games that our consumers actually ask to buy the content featured in our games!

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