Role: 3D Art Director

Based in:  Mumbai

Reporting to:  CEO

Experience Required:  7+ years of relevant work experience

Objective:  Give artistic ideas and direction for use in the mobile games we develop.  Review deliverables created by the Art team, and be overall in-charge of the visual quality of our 3D games.

What you would need to do: (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Extensively research global art references (sites, streets, showrooms, fashion and dressing rooms, weather conditions, street furniture, etc) for our games. These include Car, Fashion and Furniture Games.
  • Define art production workflows required for the project. You will be supported by technical art and engineering leads but we expect you to own the process.
  • Identify and select partners that we can work with (this can include external vendors and new hires)
  • Coordinate with the Delivery Head to prioritize and assign tasks to team members. This can include external vendors.
  • Take ownership of the quality and timelines of all art.
  • Review game builds.
  • Model and texture high-quality high and low poly 3D content when required.
  • Trouble-shoot problems that the team may face.

Who Could You Be? (Background and Experience)

  • 5+ years of team management experience, preferably in the gaming industry.
  • Must be proficient with Maya, Unity 3D and Photoshop.
  • Ability to demonstrate by example.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience with the process of making normal maps (transferring high-poly sculpted detail on low-poly game objects).
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, set priorities and meet deadlines.
  • Should have worked on projects for both iOS and Android mobile platforms, understanding the constraints of each platform.
  •  Must be creative, detail-oriented and able to lead multiple members and manage deliverables.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Graduate from a reputed institute
  • An Art School background would be preferred

Next Steps:

If this opportunity as an Art Director at Games2win excites you, then please complete the following assignment. Given the seniority, responsibility & compensation of this role, please pay a lot of attention to the assignment. It’s the most critical factor in our hire decision-making.

Assignment: Part 1: World of Cars

  • Here is a Concept Document for a proposed game, ‘World Of Cars’: Link to the document
  • Understand the various requirements for the cars, and tell us how you would approach the production of the various assets for the cars.
  • Please be as detailed as you can; you could start with the hierarchy of artifacts to be created for each car, naming conventions to be used, what to look out for when mapping textures to the body, to even defining constraints that the shaders should have, to support mobile devices.
  • Our goal is to understand how you would plan this project, and assess your knowledge of the tools involved.
  • If possible, please share a working sample project, if any, along with your document describing your approach.

Assignment: Part 2: ‘City Taxi Driving’ Characters, Animations:

  • This assignment is based on a game called ‘City Taxi Driving’. The game is set in a small-time city in the US.
  • Play the game here – Android / iTunes
  • Play about 10-15 levels of the game.
  • Then, tell us how you could improve the game:
    • In terms of the characters, their look, feel, clothes
    • How could you improve the animations of the characters> Take any 3 characters and tell us how you would present them differently.
    • We want to add ‘celebrities’ to the game, without actually using real celebrities. Identify 3-4 characters (on YouTube) that you would suggest we should consider for our celebrities. (These people should look like celebrities/behave like them and not necessarily be someone famous). We can then be inspired by them to create our own.

Along with your response to the above assignment, we would also like to see a show-reel of recent work that you have done in a mobile game environment.

Once you’re done, send the completed assignment / portfolio and your updated Resume to