Position:  3D Lead

Based in:  Mumbai

Reporting to:  CEO

Experience Required:  7+ years of relevant work experience

Objective:  Collaborate with the Art Director to set up the visual design of all art projects, processes and standards to be adhered to. Delivery will be driven by the Art Lead, working closely with engineering and quality teams.  

What You would Need to Do: (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Define art production workflows required for the project
  • Coordinate with the Delivery Head to prioritize and assign tasks to team members. This can include external vendors
  • Be responsible for the quality and timelines for all 3D art
  • Communicate with other team members to ensure timely project delivery
  • Model and texture high-quality high and low poly 3D content when required
  • Review game builds
  • Trouble-shoot problems that the team may face


Who Could You Be? (Background and Experience)

  • 7+ years in a leadership role, preferably in the gaming industry
  • Exceptional understanding of latest and next-gen asset-creation workflows with the ability to delegate to the team
  • Must be proficient with Maya, Unity 3D and Photoshop
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience with the process of making normal maps (transferring high-poly sculpted detail on low-poly game objects)
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, set priorities and meet deadlines
  • Understanding of both high-poly and low-poly modelling of 3D characters for mobile games
  • Should have worked on projects for both iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Should know how to optimize artworks for all mobile platforms
  • Strong Leadership skills
  •  Must be creative, detail-oriented and able to handle multiple members and their deliverables


Educational Qualifications:

  • Graduate from a reputed institute
  • An Art School background would be preferred


Next Steps:

If this opportunity excites you, please work on the following assignment and submit the same to hr@games2win.com. Along with your response, we would also like to see a show-reel of recent work you have done in a mobile game environment.

Assignment: Part 1: World of Cars

Here is a Concept Document for a proposed game, ‘World Of Cars’. Understand the scope of the game, and share with us how you would approach the art requirements of the game. Please be as detailed as possible, to define the approach that will be followed, and the expectation of the art or engineering team (e.g. for shaders) for each aspect of the requirement. 

Link to the document : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z4kd3w5yvk7y6t/World%20Of%20Cars%20Assignment.pdf?dl=0

Assignment: Part 2: ‘Professor Parking’ Animations:

This assignment is based on a game called ‘Professor Parking’. Check the description and concept art from the links below.

Here are some references, based on which the above animations were created:

Based on the brief of the character provided above, and the FBX delivered, let us know your suggestions to improve the character and the animations. Keep in mind that the character will have to work in a mobile game, which applies some restrictions to the models we can create.