Movies are events – they launch of Friday and if they do well, they peak at the weekend and then the collections collapse.

In our case, apps start slowly and creep up the charts – then virality kicks in.

The Flurry graph below shows a slow steady climb in user acquisition from Feb 10th to Feb 18th.

Flurry Analytics - Parking Frenzy - New Users Graph

Then around the 19th Feb, the app just took off like a rocket. The below graph from shows the trajectory of the app. In one month since launch, the app is at the current high. The best analogy for this app can be Super Hit Movie or just a really great hit app!

Rank Trends - Parking Frenzy

Lastly, the android market screenshot – 14th ranked Parking Frenzy is above Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Angry Birds Rio!!

Top Free in Apps - Parking Frenzy - Apps on Android Market (US)

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