Dashboard Template for Casual Mobile Game Developers & Publishers

Making mobile games is a lot of fun! Seeing your game go live is even better.

What happens after the game is live? What are the metrics that you track?

At Games2win, we use a standard dashboard that gives us a good view of our game’s metrics on a daily basis. We call this the “Daily Games Dashboard”

This is what it looks like: (The sample below is an iTunes Game of ours that has largely US Traffic, with zero consumer acquisitions)

Why this dashboard?

To track the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in a mobile game over time.

What are the metrics we track? (Source Firebase)

These are the row descriptions of the sheet above (columns are days).

Total Downloads – Cumulative number of downloads of your game (The day you hit a million, you celebrate!).

DAUs – Daily Active Users (How many people played your game daily).

DAUs/Downloads – A simple metric that captures retention. How many players of the past downloads are returning to your game?

Ads revenue – The revenue you earn from ads.

In-App revenue – The revenue you earn from in-app purchases in your game.

Total Revenues.

Impressions – The ad impressions served in your game.

Impressions per DAU – how many players watch how many ads when they play, in a day? This is that metric that you can optimise for to make sure that ads are working just well enough without causing too much of an annoyance.

ECPMs – The effective rate of ads you are realising in your games (In US$)

Rewarded ads % (What is the % of rewarded ads you are earning as a % of ads revenue in your game?) The higher this %, the better, ‘coz rewarded ads are consumer triggered and make for happy players!

Fill rate – how are your ads filling up? Is your ads team doing their job? 🙂

ARPDAUS on total revenue – what is the average revenue per user in your game? (Total revenues divided by DAUs) – Useful to benchmark, and to set targets to improve.

ARPDAUS on Ad revenue – what is the average ads revenue per user in your game? (Total ad revenues divided by DAUs) – Useful to benchmark, and to set targets to improve.

ARPDAUS on In-App revenue – what is the average In-App revenue per user in your game? (Total In-App revenues divided by DAUs) – Useful to benchmark, and to set targets to improve.

Revenue per download – In the end, what do you earn per download? This is total revenue divided by total downloads. (Can be very useful for setting Cost per Install targets and understanding LTV (Life Time Values)

In-App Purchase / Net Revenues – How much do In-Apps contribute to your revenues? Obviously, the higher the better! This is a simple metric to keep track of your In-App contribution to total revenues, and set targets to improve them!

We hope you can use this toolkit to track your games better!

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A link to this sample dashboard is available here 

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