Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to:  Head of Revenue & Distribution

Experience Require – 4+ years

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Work with the teams to help increase consumption and engagement in the game to increase revenue opportunities, LTV & Retention
  • Analyze revenue trends and performance of partners to help identify changes to increase revenue
  • Work with the team on the User Acquisition help evaluate the campaigns and ROI.
  • Represent data, reports and insights in a manner that allows the teams to understand the revenue performance of their games, with a focus on 
    • Engagement & Monetization

Who could you be? Background and Experience:

  • Worked in Apps based company or Mobile Games Company within Analytics function.
  • Someone who has worked extensively with digital data
  • An e-commerce data specialist who understands key metric measurements and how to interpret them
  • Analytical mindset with good communication and interpersonal capabilities, able to work independently
  • Must be able to prioritize multiple assignments with a high degree of accuracy, function quickly in a fast-paced & deadline oriented environment

Educational Qualification:

Graduate/Diploma Degree holder in Science/Commerce fields or any other equivalent educational background.

Next Steps:  

  • Part 1:

Use the data set at this link for the questions below:

Link for Data Set:

  • Questions based on the above table:
    • What are the SQL queries that you will use to get the below data points?
    • What is the total number of unique users who made a purchase? How many items did they buy on average and what is the average price point of each item bought? 
    • What is the total number of items sold and the average price point of the items overall? 
    • What are the top 3 items sold daily and revenue from these top 3 items, daily? 
    • What is the total revenue made from each item broken down by country and day? 
  • Part 2:
    • Download our Game “Driving Academy Simulator 2019” from the Android tore /  iTunes Store
      • Play the games for a few minutes:
      • Go to the CARS Section. You will notice that the “Muscle Cars” category is the default one that you start with.
      • Study the real data of that section as shown in the google sheet (Refer to this Link )
      • Answer the below questions:
      • As a Data Analyst/ Manager if you were mandated to improve the sale of these (Muscle) cars – what would you do? Assume you have the freedom to change car positions, prices etc. If you wanted to run experiments, what would those be, and why?
    • Download and play our Game “Decisions” from the Android / iTunes store
      • Play the game for a few minutes.
      • The stories are presented to users in a universal layout. That means that everyone in the world sees stories in the same way. As a Data Analyst/ Manager, do you think that makes sense? If not, what do you recommend? How would you like to present the stories? What data would you ask for to make your decision? Do you believe in customization? What could Netflix / Hotstar teach us to present content better from an Analytics point of view?
    • Download and play our Game “International Fashion Stylist” from the Android / iTunes store
      • Play the game for a few minutes.
      • You will notice that some of the clothes are free, some locked, some available by watching videos. The player gets a few coins when they start and also for playing levels. Do you think as a Data Analyst/ Manager we should continue having free clothes/clothes via videos or lock them all for coins? If people don’t want to buy coins, should we still allow them to play the game? (remember – playing the game generates ads that generate money)
  • Part 3:

As a Data Analyst/ Manager if you were mandated to improve the Ad Revenue from Driving Games basis the features mentioned in the above Driving Game, what data would you collect and analyze to achieve the same?