Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been noticing that many users have been facing some issues regarding “Virus Ads” that pop-up suddenly in popular apps and games (including Games2win games) on the iTunes App Store.

Please be assured that Games2win does not indulge in any activity of infecting our users’ devices through activities such as “Virus Ads”. We take extreme care in keeping our users safe and test the games before releasing them.

For your benefit as a user of our games on the iTunes App Store, we would like to help you understand and resolve this issue.

Some key points to note:

  1. It is extremely unlikely that your iPhone has a Virus. The iOS system is a very closed system and Apple takes extreme care to keep its users safe from such malware.
  2. The Ads that you see are nothing but attempts to take advantage of fear and anxiety into leading you to buy a service or SCAM you into paying money to get rid of non-existing problems.

If you do find such ads or behaviour in any of our games, please help us by providing the below to support@games2win.com.

  1. Screenshot of the ad
  2. Name of the app (in case the ad redirected you to an App on the iTunes App Store)
  3. Name of the site (in case the ad redirected you to a website on the Internet)

One way to solve this issue is following the below steps:
Step 1 – Open “Settings” on your iPhone
Step 2 – Tap on the “Safari” option inside “Settings”
Step 3 – Make sure to enable “Block Pop-Ups” option in your settings screen.
Step 4 – Tap on the “Clear History and Website Data”