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Games2win is a leading global mobile games publisher. Our games have over 500 million downloads and are played by over 10 million monthly active players. We take pride in building our own Intellectual Property (IP) and using the strength of our consumer love to market our games! That’s why most of our downloads are generated without advertising support or paid installations.

A few of our global hit titles are Driving Academy, Decisions, International Fashion Stylist, and many more.

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Location: Mumbai (Work in Office (Tardeo) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Reporting to:  Product Manager

Experience required: 7+ years working as a Content Producer of Digital Entertainment products, with several team member reports

Who do we need?

Games2win is seeking a talented, experienced Content Producer to lead content for our hugely popular mobile game Decisions, available on Android and iOS platforms.

Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice on Android / or / Choose Your Story (Decisions) on iTunes

The Content Producer’s responsibilities

What will you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Source in-game music for new stories and their scenes and chapters
  • Source Sound Effects (SFX) to enhance the story narratives and special situations
  • Source and manage ‘Character expressions’ that are important in a 2D story format like ours
  • Keep a close eye on the Characters, their costumes, the game background art, and the overall packaging and art aesthetics.
  • Extensively play our top competitors’ games (Chapters, Choices) and bring what you have learned to the team and the game.

Who could you be? Background, Experience & Educational Qualification:

  • A fine Arts, Liberal Arts graduate with expert-level written and spoken English and impeccable grammar and sentence–construction review skills.
  • Be an experienced, prolific and passionate digital content producer and later manager.
  • Given that our target is the US, EU, and other markets, you must be exposed to what has worked in those markets. (Be an avid OTT watcher of US, EU, and Global Shows.) We DO NOT want to create content for the Indian market or Indian audiences.
  • Experience leading, writing, and collaborating with a team of creative folks, such as writers and artists.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Understand Google Sheets and Google Slides. We ONLY work on this software.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task under strict deadlines.
  • Strong time and resource management skills.
  • On-the-fly problem-solving ability.
  • Ability to be creative on demand.
  • Someone who plays Mobile games.
  • A LOVER of Digital Products. Our game IS a Product of Love, and you need to fall in love with it to create magic and value!

Next Steps:

  • If this opportunity excites you, please complete the following assignment:


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