Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: Product Manager

Experience required: Prior experience in Story-Editing is preferred

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Be a full-time content-editor in one of our largest-selling role-playing games – ‘Decisions’, which is already available on the iTunes and Android Store.
  • Review writers’ work, which includes spotting and correcting grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Suggest content changes, additions, and corrections for stories that will be published in the game.
  • Spot and bridge loose-ends or missing links in stories and dialog.
  • Suggest lead-ins and additional dialogues or other text content, wherever necessary.
  • Offer creative suggestions on story-flow such as trimming down unnecessary aspects of stories.
  • Review and tweak the chapters and the overall story from the target audience’s perspective.
  • Rewrite, combine and polish draft scripts, as necessary, in a timely way to send them directly for production.

Who could you be? Background and Experience:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in creative writing and editing

Educational Qualification:

  • Graduate in any field, with expert-level written and spoken English and impeccable grammar and sentence–construction review skills.

Next Steps:

  • If this opportunity excites you, please complete the following assignment:


  1. Play our highly popular game:
    Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice on Android:


Choose Your Story (Decisions) on iTunes:

2: Download the Worksheet from this link:

  • The Worksheet consists of three chapters of a story detailed out with the story title, scene name, character names and the dialogues spoken by each character.
  • Mention your comments and corrected text in the ‘Editor’s corrections’ column (highlighted in orange) for each dialogue and other text mentioned in the content column.

3. Play the first 5 chapters of the story titled ‘Love Formula’. Give us your impressions and thoughts about it. How you would enhance the chapters in terms of plot, dialogue, choices, and overall theme?

Please send the completed assignment, along with your resume to

Best of Luck!