Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: Product Manager

Experience required: Previous experience in Story-Editing preferred

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Be a full-time content-editor in one of our largest-selling role-playing games – ‘Decisions’, which is already available on the iTunes and Android Store.
  • Review writers’ work, which includes spotting and correcting grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Give instructions and directions regarding content changes, additions, and corrections for stories that will be.
  • Spot and bridge loose-ends or missing links in stories and dialogs.
  • Suggest lead-ins and additional dialogues or other text content, wherever necessary.
  • Offer creative suggestions on story-flow such as trimming down unnecessary aspects of stories.
  • Review and tweak the chapters and the overall story from the target audience’s perspective.
  • Rewrite, combine and polish draft scripts, as necessary, in a timely way to send them directly for production.

Who could you be? Background and Experience:

  • At least 2 years of experience in creative writing and editing

Educational Qualification:

  • Graduate in any field, with expert-level written and spoken English and impeccable grammar and sentence–construction review skills.

Next Steps:

  • If this opportunity excites you:

Step 1:  Play our games – Decisions – Choose Your Interactive Stories (iTunes or Android)

Android link
iTunes link

 Step 2: Please download the assignment uploaded on this link.


  • The Assignment consists of three chapters of a story detailed out with the story title, scene name, character names and the dialogues spoken by each character.   
  • Mention your comments and corrected text in the Editor’s corrections column (highlighted in orange) for each dialogue and other text mentioned in the content column.
  • After you have completed the assignment, please send it along with your resume to


Best of Luck!