Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: Product Manager

Experience required: 5+ years as a full-time editor or editor, with 2 years working with writers in a developmental role

Who do we need?

Games2win is looking for a talented, experienced senior editor to lead content for our hugely popular mobile game Decisions, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The story editor is a primary point of contact for external writers as well as our in-house creative writers. You will work with the interactive fiction writing team by using your expertise and experience in guiding them in crafting characters, plots and the progress of the stories. This is a full time position at our Mumbai office.

What will you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Evaluate story ideas for potential as interactive stories
  • Help authors resolve issues with story structure, pacing, and quality
  • Create, implement, and manage internal processes related to the writers pipeline
  • Create guidance documents for writers new to the project
  • Ensure stories leverage game mechanics appropriately
  • Track the progress of writers and proactively address problems
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously

Who could you be? Background, Experience & Educational Qualification:

  • Graduate, with expert-level written and spoken English and impeccable grammar and sentence–construction review skills
  • 5+ years as a full-time editor or editor, with 2 years working with writers in a developmental role
  • Mastery of the structural basics of good storytelling
  • Strong understanding of branching narrative
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task under strict deadlines
  • Strong time and resource management skills
  • On-the-fly problem-solving ability
  • Ability to be creative on demand

Next Steps:

  • If this opportunity excites you, please complete the following assignment:


1. Play our highly popular game:
Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice on Android:


Choose Your Story (Decisions) on iTunes:

2. Download the Worksheet from this link:

  • The Worksheet consists of the story ‘The Mystery Manor’ detailed out with the story title, scene name, character names and the dialogues spoken by each character.
  • Mention your comments and corrected text in the ‘Editor’s Feedback’ column (highlighted in orange) for each dialogue and other text mentioned in the content column.
  • Give us your impressions and thoughts about it. How you would enhance the chapters in terms of plot, dialogue, choices, and overall theme.     

3. Play our awesome competitor games – ‘Choices’ and ‘Chapters’ and tell us the themes that are missing in our game, ‘Decisions’. How would you like to improve the game? How would you like to improve the stories? What are the themes, story genres that you suggest to add to ‘Decisions’ in the year 2020? (Please note – we stay away from sleaze and sex).

Please send the completed assignment, along with your resume/CV to

Best of Luck!