Congratulations team Games2win India Pvt Ltd on our mobile game ‘Decisions’ being the #3 most downloaded Interactive Story Game globally, as per App Annie!

The Decisions game clocks over 1 million organic downloads across Android & iTunes. With ZERO marketing / UA 🙂

What works? Learnings:

We looked at top games (many on the list) & discovered many of them have adult themes (that appeal to teens). We decided NOT to feature any sleaze. This brought in an ENTIRELY NEW set of consumers who were not comfortable with adult stories.

The game publishes 60k words a month in 18 languages. That’s 1 MILLION translated words monthly! We work with Native translators in ALL countries to make our English narrative as local & contextual as possible. (Not perfect but getting there!)

On economics, we decided to let players PLAY first vs PAYING. Hence, the ‘decision’ options in the game have easier options to move ahead with than spending real money.

This game is a case study of global collaborations! Story writers, graphic artists, translators from over 20+ nations work relentlessly to delight, entertain and even comfort the world with pure, wholesome stories.

– Of course, the AMAZING, tireless energy of Team Games2win is the real magic!

MADE FROM INDIA. For the world!

Decisions #3 Game downloaded
Decisions #3 Game downloaded

Alok Kejriwal is a digital entrepreneur, based in Mumbai. He sold his last company to Disney. He currently runs Games2win and writes extensively on #dhandhekibaat. Connect with Alok on Linkedin, Twitter @rodinhood Facebook. Read his best articles here!