Congratulations team Games2win India Pvt Ltd on 350 Million Downloads on all App Stores!

What a journey its been since the 250 million clocked EXACTLY last year!

From 250 million downloads now, we have added another 100 million, over the last 12 months . This has been achieved by having 9-10 million million downloads, a month! Kudos to the team for consistently giving our players a
-The top 10 countries (revenue) are US, France, UK, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Australia, Italy, Turkey!
-The top contribution to revenue of any single game – 16%
-The total number of games in operation: 10
-EBITDA run rate (March 21) 30- 35 crores 🙂 (No ‘hidden costs in there 🙂
-IPO plans for India: ON ON ON 🙂
-100% MADE IN INDIA & entertaining the world!
This a strong case-study to show that India can be the hub not only for labor intensive or capital intensive manufacturing, but also for technology and creativity!

Thank you, colleagues, customers, well-wishers and especially investors Sumant Mandal & Rajan Mehra for their invaluable support, patience, guidance and TRUST that has enabled us to attain 350 Million Downloads!

Alok Kejriwal is a digital entrepreneur, based in Mumbai. He sold his last company to Disney. He currently runs Games2win and writes extensively on #dhandhekibaat. Connect with Alok on Linkedin, Twitter @rodinhood Facebook. Read his best articles here!