Games2win logoGames2Win this week reached an important milestone of 10million downloads with the total cumulative downloads of all its games at 10,731,021 with iOS contributing 6,768,837 and Android at 3,962,184. (Source: iTunes and Android Market)

Games2Win released its first mobile game “Makeover Madness” in 2009, since then we have released close to 40 apps with some of them crossing the million download mark. The most recent success out of Games2Win’s stable is a parking game called as “Parking Frenzy 2.0” on the Android. The game has been downloaded 3.6 million times and is right up at the top in the market.

As of now the top games for Games2Win are:

App Name Downloads Platform
Parking Frenzy 3,681,247 Android
Super Mom 2,378,597 iOS
Makeover Madness 1,025,157 iOS
Volcano Flight 613,289 iOS
Best Friend’s Forever 539,726 iOS

Source: iTunes Report & Android Report

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Oh and did we mention that all this was achieved without spending a penny on marketing and advertising the games!! And for all you advertisers out there here’s a quick factoid for you “Our games generate close to 3.5million impressions everyday!!” Yup, that makes it 100million impressions a month. What’s more is the game has been downloaded by users around the globe in 200+ countries.

-Games2Win Team