San Francisco: Games2win, one of the leading casual mobile game companies in the world with over 150 million game app downloads, recently announced its partnership with AQOS Technologies – a leading Car Design Company. Together they intend to introduce aspirational designer cars into the global mobile games market.

To elaborate further on the partnership, Games2win CEO and Co-Founder Alok Kejriwal said, “We have one of the world’s largest game plays of driving and parking games. Many of our games such as Driving Academy and High School Driving Test found on iTunes and Android platforms are top-ranked, globally. Players love to experiment driving with aesthetically designed cars in these games and our partnership with AQOS Technologies accomplishes just that! AQOS Technologies is an outstanding Car Design Company based out of Belgrade, Serbia. We have already incorporated some of their new designer cars in our latest update of Driving Academy.”

Alok further added: “It is our endeavor to encourage talented car designers and visualizers from across the world, to feature their cars in our games. Unfortunately, many car designers never see their fabulous creations come to life. Games2win intends to gamify their designs into virtual cars that can be realistically driven and enjoyed in our mobile games. The players can customize these cars and drive them in various environments. We hope to increase the visibility of talented designers, car design companies, and avant-garde artists and make them popular through this effort. We really do wish to see these designs become real-life automobiles in the near future. AQOS Technologies is the first of many such partnerships in the pipeline”.

Marko Cvetković – CMO AQOS Technologies said, “We are very happy to have partnered with Games2win, a leading company in the world of game creation. Our common values and ideas are united, recognized, and hence we became a part of the world of games. Driving Academy is an ideal place to present our vision of cars that will become real cars in the near future, especially since the games are increasingly becoming an unavoidable place to get acquainted with products. We think that playing games is much like driving real cars as entertainment is what people like to do, and AQOS cars can offer that experience to the market. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with Games2win.’’

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About Games2win:
Games2win – Based in Mumbai and San Francisco, is a gigantic casual games business, operating across a global footprint, leveraging its own and partner IP to create an entertaining gaming experience. The company is profitable and has clocked 150 million game downloads across the iTunes and Android platforms. Many of its games have regularly topped the global app charts.

About AQOS Technologies:
AQOS Technologies – based in Belgrade, Serbia, is a company involved in international markets of high technology products. AQOS Technologies is engaged in design, research, and production of cars, and it was founded to formalize the years of design research and thorough knowledge on tradition and philosophy of car construction. The team consists of professionals from various fields: design, engineering, technology, architecture, etc. For more info, please visit: