About Games2win.
Games2win (G2W) is the publisher of Parking Frenzy, the game with over 15 million downloads worldwide on iOS and Android. Parking Frenzy was also ranked #1 on the US iTunes Appstore.

Our other hit games include Turbo Cricket on Android, and Super Mom and Fab Tattoo Artist on iOS. In total, we have developed and published over 40 mobile games, touching more than 35 million downloads.

We are one of the fastest growing casual gaming companies in the world and feature amongst the top online gaming properties (USA and World) (comScore reports). Top tier investors such as Clearstone Venture Partners, Nirvana Venture Advisors & Saama Capital have funded G2W.

What We Need

G2W has planned a pipeline of games for the year 2014 onwards. These games include new games, updates to our existing games, and ports of these games across the iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows platforms. To publish these games to a level of quality, we seek to acquire outstanding game testing companies to help us to launch 3-4 mobile games a week.

We seek companies that have :

a. Past, demonstrable experience testing casual mobile games (please play our games to understand the genre & audience we cater to)

b. Testing processes to cover game-play testing, user-flow testing, sanity tests and pre-publishing checklists per platform (i.e. Android, Kindle, iOS, Windows)

c. Flexibility to work with teams in different cities and even work processes

d. Access to pool of relevant devices

Next Steps
1. Play our games, Parking Frenzy on iOS, Fab Tattto Artist on Kindle and Supermom on Android. Prepare and share with us a test plan that you would use to test any one of these games.

2. Using this testing sheet format, test and identify bugs in the games Finding Mr Right on iOS and Riddlz on Android.

3. Share with us your pre-publishing check-list. This is a list of things you will check about the game before it is published (e.g. "Ensure the Large App Icon is 1024 x 1024 pixels for iOS").

4. Send us any presentation or write-up you may have about your company and management.

Please send your responses to the above, along with a write-up of your firms and proposed commercial model, to

PS:- If you do not wish to be acquired, we are happy to partner (long-term) with you. Please mention the same to us.


Click here to download the RFP