Homework Tower Defence is now live on Gangofgamers FB App with scoring mechanism. This allows casual gamers to play game, post a score on the leaderboard and challenge their friends on Facebook to try and beat their score.

About the game: We don’t need no homework. So we are going to destroy it once and for all From math to chemistry to music, it’s all taken care of in Homework Tower Defence.

What a brand / advertiser targeting boys audience should know? Strategy games such as Homework Tower Defence are extremely addictive and a genre that attracts male audience the most. Average time spent on tower defense games has been high, typically in the range of 10-15 minutes. In addition to being an addictive game, Homework Tower Defence with scoring mechanism is extremely competitive.

What this game can do for brands and advertisers? A brand integration in Homework Tower Defence game means that the brand is exposed to a target user for at least 10-15 minutes! Plus competitive nature of the game drives users to challenge and viral the game to their friends, thus spreading the awareness about the brand!

Play Homework Tower Defence and challenge your friends on Facebook NOW!