ChatGPT is here and forever. So it’s natural that we use it for what matters the most – business applications, right?

This case covers how ChatGPT solved an analytics problem in our mobile game!


What’s the value of an invention without tangible, actual use and profit/saving? All the hype and hysteria aside (I mean, how many poems are you going to order about washing machines)?

So, I put ChatGPT to work for Games2win and wanted to check if I could get a tangible result!

The verdict?


Use case 1: “Finding valuably talent instantly when there is none.”

Our Company, Game2win publishes an amazing Car Driving Game called “Driving Academy”. (iTunes link / Android link )

Inside, there is an “Open World” A “metaverse” that’s already commercially live and making good revenues!

Within the open world, there is a mode called “Valet Parking”.

Players are supposed to safely drive cars that owners have given to them from pick up to final parking. It’s a challenging and fun mode! Try it!

Enter ChatGPT!

While reviewing a new build, a producer said, “We have 3 red cars out of 10 cars in this mode. If, as a player, I keep getting red cars, I will be bored. Please change/add more colours of cars”.

The problem came to me, and I was clear about what I needed to find out.

So, I typed (On google, impulsively, trained by habit)

“If I have 10 cars, of which three are red, what’s the probability that when I choose one car at a time, I get three red cars in a row?”

I got the usual garbled search results via Google that really didn’t add too much value to me:

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

The Usefulness of this search effort? Zilch. Zero. Naada.

So, I asked myself, “yaar, now where do I get a math/statistician/probability expert to help me? The game is stalled until I get the answer.”


Check what happened when I typed the same question on ChatGPT:

No alt text provided for this image

The answer took about 12 seconds to generate the most relevant answer – “2.7 % chance”.

I called up our Producer and told him, “No issue.. Go ahead… and attached the screenshot”.


ChatGPT allowed me to get an answer to a question which would have involved Finding valuably talent, instantly when there is none.

It works and how!!


Please comment if you found this helpful so I can keep adding more cases!