In Entertainment, the small things hurt the most.

We just got rather angry feedback from a player of our top Narrative Mobile Interactive Entertainment Game ‘Decisions” (Android link / iTunes Link)

The player wrote

“Hi! I’m Gustavo, and I came to report a bug I found in the story. Out of nowhere, some pieces of hair fly to the MC’s (main character’s) left, and it’s kind of weird. Can you fix it, please?”

He also attached this picture:

THIS feedback focuses on the one deep insight that makes the digital entertainment business a hero or zero

Consumers LOVE perfection!

For example:

– The FF (Fast forward) >> on Netflix is unmatched vs other OTTs

– Spotify over delights (Have you experienced the magic of their AI to surface music you ‘WILL’ like! Or Playlists like “Dad’s playlists” 🙂

– The Amazon app and the site look like they are from the 70s, but they deliver. Can anything beat “Get a Sample” on Kindle?!

It’s very common in product companies for ‘smaller issues’ to get overlooked in the quest to create “bigger things”.

Example: Sony LIV OTT has an issue with its CX/UX/UI – Have you seen how the movie thumbnails never load and keep showing blanks?

When we received this feedback, our CEO wrote to this message to the entire Company:

“And for those who thought/think I am over obsessed by silly little details that “don’t matter”, here is how our players react.

Can you read his email, and how irritated he sounds by… something so “trivial”?

It’s not trivial.

Players SEEK perfection in their entertainment because, in their regular lives, there are TONS of Imperfections… like all of us.

I hope this makes sense…. Now?”


Make anything and everything you do as perfect as you can. Leave no stone unturned!