At Games2win, we take Mobile Game Analytics, seriously. To be really honest, a bit too seriously!

With over 300 million mobile games downloads and 45 million monthly active users, the Games2win teams have devised simple templates of mobile game analytics that are easy to understand and useful to apply. Our belief is that you don’t need to be a Scientist or Einstein to figure out analytics. All you need is common sense and simple examples to follow!

Why are we sharing our hard-earned knowledge of mobile game analytics?

For many reasons! We want the world of games to flourish and make everyone happy! (Playing games is fun, isn’t it?). We want to give back to the industry that created us! We want to foster the culture of sharing knowledge!

Our learnings are free for you, without any expectations. All we need in return is feedback to become even better.

Now, let’s get started!

Introduction to Mobile Game Analytics by Games2win

To make analysing games easier, we generate 9 crisp reports for each of our games. We call them our 9 Jewels! Let’s start understanding each Jewel, one by one:

  1. Game Funnel & Behaviour

In this report, we study how users in a game behaved, their engagement and behaviour.

To help you understand this report please play one of our “Dress Up Games” available on iTunes here or Android here

Next, click on this link, open the sheet and explore away! (Please view on Desktop or Laptop only!) (P.s – We don’t really spend too much time ‘dressing’ up our sheets. As an Indie startup, you will appreciate that 🙂 )

(Quick tip: Don’t be intimidated by the size of the sheet. Simply navigate it from the menus above and go through it at your pace!)

In the sheet, you will be presented data of one of our Dress up games of 2 unique weeks for comparison.

When a game is updated, we first prepare a quick report (we call 7*7 which means 7 days of downloads and 7 days of behaviour) and also check what was the funnel and behaviour of the games’ previous version for the same period of time.

Hopefully, the sheet will be comprehensive for you to understand.

Gems 2-9:

We intend to share the rest of our Analytics jewels in the forthcoming weeks. Do give us feedback on this report and how useful you found it? What could we do to improve? What was confusing?

For more detailed inquiries, connect with the Author of this report – the CEO of Games2win – Alok Kejriwal or email him at alok@games2win-dot-com