You can achieve incredible management results with “Just One more click.”

What is Just One More Click? How is it connected to better management?

What am I trying to communicate here? By going a bit further with the information you already have, you can discover insights, weaknesses and areas of improvement you have never thought of before.

Let me share two distinct case studies connected with Games2win that detail the Just One More Click Principle.

Case 1

Mid-last year, we had a top-level exit of one of our Product Managers who had been leading the Dress Up Game Categories for a few years.

Her handover documentation was deep and comprised at least 40-50 documents.

I went through all of them. Then, in one “not so important” doc, I noticed an unnamed link (almost unnoticeable) that I chanced to spot. I clicked on it and discovered a FLAWED ‘scoring’ mechanic I had invented and added to ALL our Dress UP games for years. Instantly I recognised WHY we were having consumer backlash on this issue.

Case 2

This week, in an update to one of our TOP game store images (involving 25 different translations), everything seemed “done”. However, I still clicked on a sheet owned and driven by an executive-level employee in the trail mail.

I was shocked! The changeover had been very poorly executed (and taken live). If this had remained as is, it would have crashed game ‘conversions’.

Just One More Click - An incredible management hack

What’s the point I’m making?

A very simple yet powerful one:

In all the daily work you do and communications you receive, TRY and click on additional links or attachments JUST as a curious auditor. You will be pleasantly surprised how you will LEARN something about your job/function and make it BETTER.

Does this mean that the people doing the job are incompetent?

NO! It’s just that YOUR knowledge and wisdom and sense of observation grows disproportionately vs juniors. That’s what makes value addition happen.

Information keeps coming to you. So make it a habit to NOT just skim through it, but dive one level deeper.

Does this resonate with the experience you have had?

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Author – Alok Kejriwal – CEO and Co-Founder – Games2win