Role: Lead Graphic Designer

Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: HOD

Objective: We are looking for a Creative Lead who will be responsible for creating all in-game & marketing graphics for our mobile games. You are required to act as a leader for the junior graphic designers and as an artist who conceptualizes, designs & executes the various graphic requirements for our mobile game. 

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Create stunning graphics for all aspects of our mobile games including in-game graphics & 2D assets, App Store icons, screenshots, & feature graphics, cross-promotion images, and Facebook/Google Ads graphic. 
  • You will work closely with the Product Managers to plan & identify all the graphic requirements they may have for an upcoming game update or a new launch.
  • Lead, grow, and mentor a team of Graphic Designers and provide creative direction. 
  • Drive the creation of art and ensure that a unified vision is maintained and that junior designers have clear benchmarks for graphic production.
  • Review the Designers’ work and give feedback to ensure the highest quality expectations are met.
  • Be an active mentor and role model for the art team. Work to maintain morale and create an atmosphere of creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Keep informed about the latest advances in game art technique and technology
  • Should have an eye for perfection, with effective art reviews, and must ensure the quality of the art is top-notch.

Who could you be? (Experience and Background):

  • ​5+ years of Designing experience, with at least 2 years of managing junior designer & artists
  • Proficient in designing ​graphics for mobile​ ​games
  • Excellent sense of color combinations, gaming knowledge, and visual aesthetic
  • ​Very strong working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines and to deliver high quality within a short timeframe
  • Should be a self-starter and capable of managing teams tasks and deliverables
  • Natural curiosity and creativity with the ability to explore new ideas and learn from others.
  • An exceptional online portfolio featuring examples of visual design, graphic work is required

Educational Qualification:

  • Graduate from a reputed institute
  • An Art School background would be preferred

Next Steps:

If this role interests you, then we have a small assignment for you:


Before beginning the assignment, please check the top 100 US iTunes Car Games through Apptopia

Play the top 10 Games (especially, top car games) before you start working on the assignment. After you have finished playing these games, you may begin the assignment. Remember that your assignment response should be inspired by the top 10 games that you have played.

Assignment 1 – Upsell Popup

This assignment is based on our game –  ‘Driving Academy’.  Play the game here – Android / iTunes.

We earn revenue from in-app purchases (IAP) and in the mentioned game we upsell the IAP’s through popup banners. As a Creative Lead, we want you to design an IAP upsell popup and it should have the following information.

  • Play a few levels to understand the gameplay & art style
  • Starter Pack (Mention Pack name “Starter Pack” on the banner)  
  • Limited Time Offer (Mention “Limited Time Offer” on the banner to create urgency)
  • Show in-game currency Coins, Blueprints, & Keys (Show in-game currencies that user will get in the pack. You can use assets available in this folder)
  • Show amount of in-game currency user will get in this pack (Coins = 25,000 | Blueprints = 30 | Keys = 20)
  • Call To Action (A button to purchase)
  • Close Button (A button to close the popup)
  • Original Price $9.99, Offer Price $4.99 (You need to strike out the original price & emphasize on discounted price)
  • 50% Off Tag  (Show this on the banner wherever you think its appropriate)
  • Banner Resolution 1200px X 800px
  • Use the currency assets available in this folder

Below are a few upsell popup references from some of the top grossing games out there on the store. Do not copy, but use these references as a benchmark and try to make the banner better than these.

Asphalt 9


Coin Master

Assignment 2 – Revive Screen

The screen you see below is called Revive Screen and appears when a user crashes the vehicle into a pedestrian. 

The user gets two options on this screen:

1) NAH, I DONT CARE: When the user taps on this button, his/her level progression is lost, and they need to start the level from the beginning.

2) OK, CONTINUE DRIVING: If a user chooses to tap on this option, he/she has to see a Video Ad. Once they complete viewing the Ad user can continue with level without losing the progression. For every Video Ad impression, we get revenue.

We want you to redesign and improve the presentation of this screen.  The objective is to 

  • Maximum users should watch Video Ad
  • User should be able to connect with the Graphic
  • The graphic should be fun
  • You can use any graphic from the web, but it should match the game art style
  • Do not use a gory image
  • Do not show kids on graphic  

Assignment 3- Store Redesign:

This assignment is based on our game called ‘International Fashion Stylist’.  Play the game here – Android / iTunes. The current IAP Store layout looks very dated and we want to revamp it.

Below is the new UI layout made by our UI team. We want you to research top games on Google Play Store or Apple Store and how they are doing graphics for their IAP Store, and create graphics for the Coin & Diamond packs you see in the wireframe.

  • Play a few levels to understand the gameplay & art style
  • Create new graphics for the Coin & Diamond packs
  • Color all the elements of the wireframe
  • Create a beautiful badge for BEST DEAL & POPULAR tag
  • The coin, diamond asset, and color should match with the theme of the game.
  • You have complete liberty to visually stack or pile up the coins & diamonds pack in the way you want. The presentation should look beautiful & elegant. 

Coin Packs

Diamond Packs