Job description  

(Please read this entire JD carefully. There is a call for action request at the end of the post that you need to action should you be interested in applying for this job)

Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: Head of Revenue & Distribution

Experience Required – Minimum 2 Years of Experience

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Drive the “Analytics” function in the Company for products assigned.
  • Create & interpret meaningful insights and suggestions for products based on the data collected & reported.
  • Represent data, reports and insights in a manner that allows Product Managers to understand the performance of their games. With a focus on improving 3 things:
    • Downloads | Engagement | Monetization
  • Work with game designers and product managers to refine gameplay and economy throughout the production cycle
  • Use data to help guide the team on pricing in-game items, balancing and other adjustments to gameplay to increase LTV & Retention
  • Be able to make numbers tell stories! To be able to use the power of analysis to make a dramatic shift in the business KPIs via strong recommendations.


Who could you be? Background and Experience:

  • You have worked in an apps company or mobile games Company before in an Analytics function.
  • Someone who has worked extensively with digital data as an Analyst.
  • An e-commerce data specialist who understands key metric measurements and how to interpret them.
  • Analytical mindset with good communication and interpersonal capabilities, able to work independently.
  • Must be able to prioritize multiple assignments, with a high degree of accuracy, and function quickly in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment

Educational Qualification:

Graduate/Diploma Degree holder in Science/Commerce fields or any other equivalent educational background.

Next Steps:

If this opportunity excites you then send us answers to the below assignment at along with your CV, etc.


Part 1:

In our “Driving Academy 2” mobile game (available on Google Play / iTunes), users can unlock and use multiple cars in the game. What points will you measure to answer the below questions and why:

  1. Which cars are the most popular?
  2. What is the most ideal price point for unlocking a car?
  3. What type of cars should we add more in the game to increase consumption?

Part 2:

Consider the data_table at the below link:

Below is a snippet of the table for your reference:

id country date item_name iap_price
1C91E019A6B349FBA63233528F1F0099 United States 31-10-2018 budget 1.99
BC3BA5F6D7024DF3AF2E253C66DD954A United States 26-12-2018 budget 1.99
A87D86FBF0754DED8A4FF70B6FCCA51F United States 27-12-2018 budget 1.99
2A07E2D8F8F14238BC1934D9900D20C0 United States 21-01-2019 budget 1.99
BB0BE1B3526A459B8C13D1E8B5904042 United States 27-01-2019 budget 1.99
59561537C55743A9BD576DF020C07873 United States 02-02-2019 everything 34.99
73A505AF04694578AF7F6389D100459A United States 06-02-2019 budget 1.99
221AE05FF3CE40E9B8CD6C22F146C8DF United States 07-02-2019 everything 34.99
259C25279045410DB733407852A149FC United States 07-02-2019 budget 1.99

 What are the SQL queries that you will use to get the below data points?

  1. Total unique users who bought something, how many items did they buy on average and the average price point of each item bought.
  2. Total items sold and the average price point of the items overall.
  3. Top 3 items sold daily and revenue from these Top 3 items daily.
  4. Total revenue made from each item broken down by country and day.

Part 3:

  1. Download our Game “Driving Academy Simulator 2019” from the iTunes or Android Store.
  2. Go to the CARS Section. You will notice that the “Muscle Cars” category is the default one that you start with.
  3. Study the real data of that section as shown in the google sheet (link below):

  1. And answer the below questions:

    1. Are the Car Positions (Column B) optimal? How should we change the car positions and why?
    2. Are the prices of the cars (Cost of Cars in Coins / Cost of Cars in US$) ideal? What would you change and why?

Best of Luck!