Games2win – a global top 20 online games Company today announced that Nirvana Venture Advisors has invested in the Company by acquiring 10% of the Company’s equity previously held by early investors Nexus India Pvt. Ltd, ICICI Ventures and from a few senior Company employees. Nexus and ICICI continue to hold shares in the Company. Lead investor Clearstone Venture Partners and SVB Holdings have not divested their shares in this transaction. As part of the transaction, Amit Patni, co-founder of Nirvana Venture Advisors, will join the Games2win Board.

Some of the Happy ESOPwinners

Some of the Happy 2Win ESOP winners!

Alok Kejriwal, CEO and Co-Founder of Games2win, while giving the background said, “We have very aggressive expansion plans for Games2win and Nirvana Venture Advisors are excited by our ideas. Given that we have sufficient capital for growth, Nirvana invested in the Company by providing partial exits to the early shareholders and key employees. I feel good that I have provided my original investors attractive returns while still keeping them invested in the business, and have also created wealth for my team members.”

Alok further added, “The past month has seen a spectacular success of our games on the Android platform. Our mobile apps crossed the 10 million downloads mark and we have registered over 100 million game plays in just one month. We are now set to create a large, global, consumer-revenue centric, social mobile gaming play. Our investors support our vision and they will actively assist us in creating the next leap forward for Games2win.”

Sandeep Singhal, Managing Director of Nexus Venture Partners said, “We have supported Alok over the past decade across various firms in the 2win Group, and we look forward to having Nirvana as a partner in the new growth phase of Games2Win.”

Rajan Mehra, Managing Director of Nirvana Venture Advisors said, “At Nirvana, we are very excited by what Games2win is creating. Their games library, combined with their massive audience reach and deep insights of gaming, provides the perfect formula for creating a very successful, global gaming Company. This investment allows us to align with the Company at the right stage and also participate in its future success.”

Sumant Mandal, Managing Director of Clearstone Venture Partners said, “As lead investors of Games2win, we have seen the Company scale from an early stage local Indian games business to a Company with a global, impactful footprint. We whole heartedly support Games2win, Alok and the team in their future plans.”

Games2win owns over 600 proprietary games and entertains over 15 million players each month on its network.