Talking about organic growth in a recent session at the “2023 App Marketing Conference by AppTweak India”, Tejas Shah (Head of Revenue @ Games2win) spoke about how Games2win looks at our organic growth engines and consistently improves them to achieve success. 

We all know the Pareto principle, which states that

Roughly 20% of causes contribute to 80% of the consequences.

Below are some common examples, that we encounter with the Pareto principle,

  • 20% of the clients generate 80% of the revenue. 
  • 20% of the people drive 80% of the results.
  • 20% of the tasks take up 80% of the time. 

So how do we improve upon that 20% that drives the 80% output? The short answer is by testing various hypotheses consistently.  Here are two snapshots of what I presented that explored changes we made to create opportunities. 

(Full Presentation Link at the bottom) 

Case 1 – The case of the falling Conversion Rate 

What does the below image indicate? A sudden downward trend in the conversion rate?

However, the reality was something else!

We recently changed localization for one of the games in Turkey, resulting in a significant downfall in Conversion Rate.

When we made the change, we suddenly started seeing the Conversion Rate going down, and we started panicking slightly. However, we dug into the data further and saw that the number of unique users who started visiting our store listing increased dramatically. 

While our conversion rate was still lower, this increased visibility meant that our downloads did not suffer much, and more importantly, it now unlocked the potential of further testing variations to improve conversion rates and downloads even further, as a result boosting organic growth.

How many times have you seen your audience become 2x just by making a single change? 

Case 2 – Color, Color,  Which Color? 

One of the most critical aspects of ASO is to try and make changes that can be meaningfully tracked and analyzed from a data perspective. 

Can you tell me which one of the below icons worked better? 

Organic Growth Case Study For Mobile Downloads By Games2win

Well, the Green One increased the downloads of this game by almost 100%! The only real change was changing the background color., which led to massive organic growth.

Sometimes, just iterating on the smallest thing can have a big impact. At Games2win, we consistently look at A/B testing everything from icons and screenshots on the ASO side to line items and networks on the Ad Monetization side. 

You can find the whole presentation here:

If you want to read more such insights on organic growth, check out our blog for more!