Owned Products as a Service is the next level in the evolution of India’s next software industry.

What are Owned Products as a Service?

Consider “Dress Up games” – a popular, global mobile casual gaming genre that has begun to actively thrive as Owned Products as a Service Business Model in the 175+ Billion Dollar per annum Gaming Market. Yet very few Indian companies are actively participating in this new age, sunrise industry.

When this Business Model began to get popular, especially on mobile games, we saw a large inbound interest from global players to sign us up as developers and service providers. They knew of our game manufacturing capabilities and wanted to leverage our strengths of being India based, with low cost and high quality output (code, graphics, art) and create games for them.

As Games2win, we REFUSED to work for hire, for projects assignments, OR even for a cost & margin plus revenue share model.  Instead, we went all in, published our own Intellectual Properties (IP) and captured the entire value chain for ourselves.

We decided that our Business model would be operating Owned Products as a Service

“It took a lot of sweat, toil, fears and tears to survive and then thrive, and after being at for years, we have become a significant player in the dress up casual mobile gaming genre in the world today, operating over five titles across Android and iTunes Stores. As a business, we have over 200 million downloads of Dress Up Games, collectively across Titles across the Google Play and App (iTunes) Stores. Over 500,000 players play these games on a daily basis, from over 230 Countries!”
Alok Kejriwal – CEO and Co-Founder – Games2win

Today, we OWN our IP and provide service as a LIVE PRODUCT across many dress-up games.

Consider, for instance, our Top Game Fashion Stylist – a game with over 60 million downloads across Android and iTunes.

You can download and play the game here (iTunes/Android)

Featured above is the Cherry Blossom Event on International Fashion Stylist Game! (March 23 – live operations event)

So, what’s the are the benefit of going through all this pain?

There are several:

– We remain owners of the Intellectual Property that becomes very valuable as a Consumer Brand.

– We capture ALL upstream and downstream revenues streams vs being paid on a per hours basis just just earning or a meagre revenue share from someone who owns and operates the game.

– We can create new (differentiated versions of the original IP) and keep building a profitable franchise!)

What needs to be taken care before attempting this business model?

– Enough Capital in the bank as a runway to survive when hits and fails come your way.

– To mentally think as owners of a Product Business vs a Service Business. It’s like going from owning a car services station to manufacturing the car yourself!

– Investing significantly in Analytics and Business Intelligence.

– Being PASSIONATE about product. To think of products as young kids that need to be taken care of, groomed and made successful!

In conclusion, what’s the significant message for all of us?

India’s time is NOW. With our intelligence, knowledge, passion for hard work and undying ability to keep trying, it’s high time we say NO to services and YES to Products.

Message: START Value Adding vs Value transferring to others.


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