Role: Power BI Analyst

Job Description

Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: Head of Revenue & Distribution

Experience Required: 2+ Years of Experience

What would you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Create and manage reports in Microsoft Power BI
  • Create the data models / data structures for efficient utilization of data for the reports. 
  • Work with stakeholders for feedback & revisions in the Power BI reports.

 Who could you be? Background and Experience:

  • Should have experience in roles involving report design and development using Power BI and Excel.
  • Experience in a role that involves in BI, Data Warehouse, Dash-boarding and Analytics using the Microsoft ecosystem. 
  • Experience in writing SQL queries
  • Experience in writing DAX queries 
  • Must be able to prioritize multiple assignments, with a high degree of accuracy and function quickly in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment

Educational Qualification:

Graduate Degree holder in Science/Commerce fields or any other equivalent educational background.

Next Steps:

If this opportunity as an MIS executive at Games2win excites you, then please send us your completed assignment along with your updated resume to


Part 1:

Please share a sample report that you have made in the past for us to review and understand the work that you have done. (It does not need to have actual data)

Along with the report, please share a document which explains:

  1. The objective of the report
  2. Challenges that you faced while creating the report
  3. How you have solved the challenges while creating the report

Part 2:

Data set for this part of the assignment: Download

Please go through the table shared in the above link and share SQL queries that help get the below data points from the table. (Assume the data in the Google Sheet is in a SQL table)

1. Write a SQL query that gives the below 3 points together:

    a. Unique users, who have made a purchase?

    b. What is the average amount of items these users bought?

    c. What is the average price of each bought by these users?

    Note: All the points are for overall and not on a standalone single user basis.

2. Write a SQL query that gives the below 2 points together:

    a. Total amount of items sold

    b. Average revenue per item overall

3. Write a SQL query that gives the top 3 items as per revenue grouped on a daily basis.

4. Write a SQL query that gives the total revenue for each item broken down by country and date.

Note (legend for easier understanding):

Id = user | Country = country | Date = date | Item_name = item | Iap_price = revenue

In addition to the above questions,

  • Create a Power BI report to show the same data points that have been asked above but in a visual format. (Use the google sheet data as your data set.)

Best of Luck!