Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: Delivery Head

Experience required: Someone with 2 to 4 years’ experience

Who do we need?

Games2win is a large global mobile publishing Company and constantly outsources game assets production (2D garments, 3D Cars, Language Translations, Character Animations, Story Writers etc) for use in its mobile games.

We are looking for a Project Manager dedicated to sourcing these assets from vendors/freelancers via global platforms such as Upwork, etc.

Project Managers who can write project specifications, define milestones, communicate clearly with external partners, and track deliveries diligently.  An ability to identify and find new partners as the need arises will be an added bonus.  The projects you manage will vary, from creating high quality 3D objects for use in our games, to producing 100s of 2D art content, to running year long contracts with story-writers to write 30,000-word stories for use in our games.

What will you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Work with multiple Product Managers and Producers to understand and document their requirements & budgets
  • Create sourcing requirements online (post requirement on Upwork for example), defining the requirement, planning milestones, and finalising select vendors and partners to work with
  • Post jobs on sites like Behance, Upwork and Freelancer to identify new talent that can take on these projects
  • Define milestones for the project
  • Monitor each project and act as the liaison between the supplier and the managers within the Company who have placed the orders. Act upon delays from either side and make sure the projects move forward
  • Own the delivery schedules of these partners and immediately escalate any issues pertaining to payments, deliveries or quality of work
  • Execute each project from start to finish and conclude payments with the Finance Team of the Company
  • Browse freelance websites and portals and constantly identify sources of new talent

Who could you be? (Background & Experience)

  • Someone with 2-4 years’ experience in Content sourcing (preferably from the online industry relating to the gaming and Entertainment Industry
  • Proven ability in understanding dependencies, resource management and communication
  • Someone who loves details and the nitty gritty of execution and planning
  • The ability to multitask and work on many small projects simultaneously
  • Past experience working in similar roles for mobile game projects would be ideal

Educational Qualification:

Any degree that proves that you are educated

Next Steps:

If the role interests you, then we have a small assignment for you:

Step 1:

Create an Upwork-dot-com account for yourself (if you don’t have one). It’s free.

Step 2: Download and play our immensely popular game “International Fashion Stylist” available here – Android / iTunes

Study the content inside the levels (the dress up section). These are mainly sourced from partners from Upwork, etc.

  • On upwork, look for vendors who can provide similar game assets such as dresses, shoes, etc. You can use keywords such as “2d Dresses / Clothes etc”.
  • Create an excel sheet documenting how you would track deliveries of these assets from the selected vendors. Mention all items you would track and why you would track them.

Best of Luck!

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