Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: Delivery Head

Experience required: Someone with 4 to 8 years’ experience

Who do we need?

Project Managers who can write project specifications, define milestones, communicate clearly with external partners, and track deliveries diligently.  An ability to identify and find new partners as the need arises will be an added bonus.  The projects you manage will vary, from creating high quality 3D objects for use in our games, to producing 100s of 2D art content, to running year long contracts with story-writers to write 30,000-word stories for use in our games.

What will you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Work with multiple Product Managers and Producers to understand and document their requirements
  • Define milestones for the project
  • Post jobs on sites like Behance, Upwork and Freelancer to identify new talent that can take on these projects
  • Help shortlist suitable partners/individuals
  • Own the delivery schedules of these partners and immediately escalate any issues pertaining to payments, deliveries or quality of work.

Who could you be? (Background & Experience)

  • A strong knack at project management; understanding dependencies, resource management and communications.
  • Released at least 3 consumer facing mobile applications or games in the recent past.
  • Expertise with tools like Google Spreadsheets or Excel to manage delivery of multiple concurrent projects.
  • A background in game engineering or game design will be very beneficial as this will help in planning projects and understanding critical components of the game project

Educational Qualification:

Any degree that proves that you are educated

Next Steps

If this role interests you, then we have some homework for you:

  • Visit the site and identify 5 freelancers you would choose to work with you, if you had to find someone to create a promotional video for a app or game you released.  Explain clearly how and why you choose those freelancers.
  • Play our game Decisions ( iTunes link & Android link ).  The game is a set of independent, interactive stories that players can interact with and make choices to choose the outcome of the stories.  Imagine you are entrusted with producing a story from scratch.
  • Create a simple project plan for producing the story, highlighting the various resources required and what dependencies you anticipate between each.
  • Write a sample 5 or 6 page Job Post for use on Upwork, soliciting writers for one new story.  Think about how you would interest the reader, explain how their story will be used, and the milestones you feel such a project will have.

Send your updated resume along with the above-mentioned test assignment to, with “I’ll Get Work Done” in the subject line.