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Request for Proposal for Development of Share Trading Game

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By 2018, India will be the largest Android market.  The pace of growth points to increasing usage of smartphone usage.

Coupled with the growth in the Indian economy, we believe there is a huge potential to gamify stock trading.  Both for existing traders and for newbies.

Our proposed game provides users with virtual cash that they can use to buy / sell stocks, participate in periodic contests, earn bragging rights, and to even test their ideas before investing in the real markets.   

What We Need

We are seeking mobile application development partners who can develop, minimally, an Android and iOS Application based on the wireframes we have created.

The core components of the application will include :

  1. Mobile front-ends for Android and iOS users.  We have prepared wireframes that depict the desired functionality.
  2. REST-based backend component to handle user registration and in-game social activity (friends, follows, share), track user’s trading balances and positions, allow ‘transaction’ of buys / sells / watch / wait functionality, and other functionality as deemed necessary for the front-end.
  3. Notification system to allow per-user and application-wide push notifications.  This will take into account multiple user-accounts and synchronisation with game state.  
  4. A feed-processing component that can collect data from BSE / NSE / other trading exchanges, and extract relevant data that we require.  This data can include past pricing history, news articles, and graphs.

Next Steps

We seek partners who are comfortable building products and can manage the nuances that come from such development.  

If you feel there is a good fit, please share with us :

  1. Links to a couple of B2C applicaitons you have built. We are suckers for good UX.
  2. Your strengths on various technology stacks – cross-platform mobile apps, server-side REST interfaces, security, databases, cloud-based deployments.  
  3. Tools you prefer to use to manage projects.  We use Git/Svn and Bitbucket / Mantis.
  4. Your proposed database architecture for a share trading application.

Please write in to with the above, and also include two client recommendations we could reach out to.