The Raging Bull

Request for Proposal for Financial Learning Content for our Stock Market Game to be presented in a Quiz format


At Games2win, we are building an awesome mobile app based Stock Market Trading Game that SIMULATES trading, investments and creation of a portfolio using live price and stock feeds from the BSE.


We want to gamify stock trading and make people (millennials) understand what it means to trade, invest and build long term wealth using the power of stocks. The target audience is either people who don’t know anything about stock trading and/or people who know something about stocks but don’t know where to start. Of course we welcome the pros who may like to try their investment tactics here before putting their hard earned money to risk!

What we want to do:

While playing the game is the fun part, we also want to add content sections that will HELP consumers make prudent choices of stocks and understand the WHY of stocks, the how, when and what vs. just buying shares basis tips and tricks.

How you can help:

We want very easy to understand, SNACKY content that can be read in a couple of minutes and then ‘quizzified’ (made into a quiz) to drive home the key message. Think of small paragraphs that can be read on the mobile app that can drive a tenet of investing and which can later be turned into a quiz for players to answer. Correct replies will win… virtual cash of course!

The content can be from anywhere – it could be yours, legitimately curated from the web etc. We want you to be the editor of the content – not necessarily author it!

If this interests you, please do the following:

Step 1 – Please download the Beta Android APK from this Google Play link

For the iTunes app, please send your email address (one which is associated with your iTunes account) to She will immediately send you an invite via TestFlight.

Step 2 – Play the game 🙂

Step 3 – Tell us what kind of content would you like to create for this game that could be placed in a tab (let’s say called “Tips” to catch attention)

Note that the content should be consumable quickly, quizzable and continue to make people come back for more. Think of an unending quiz that gets deeper and richer. Remember, the folks who complete the quiz correctly, keep winning virtual cash, so there is always a need to come back for more!

Send in your ideas to and cc with a background on what you do, and your expectations!