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Request for Proposal – Troubleshoot MySql deployment on EC2

About Games2win

Games2win (G2W) is the publisher of Parking Frenzy, the game with over 14 million downloads worldwide on iOS and Android. Parking Frenzy was also ranked #1 on the US iTunes Appstore.

We are one of the fastest growing online gaming companies in the world and feature in the top 20 online gaming properties (USA and World) (comScore reports). Top tier investors such as Clearstone Venture Partners, Nirvana Venture Advisors & Saama Capital have funded G2W.


We operate in-game ad network Inviziads, serving about a million impressions a day.  The platform is powered by a distributed set-up of OpenX, hosted on Amazon EC2.   This system has been up and running for 6 years.

What We Need

We have periodic problems generating reports. This is often resolved by truncating legacy data from large reporting tables.  Of late, simply truncating data does not suffice.

We seek a mySql expert who has worked on EC2 deployments, to understand the set-up, analyze the problem, and help define what the problem.  Code cannot be changed, as this is a legacy application that has worked, untouched, for 8 years

Next Steps

If you are capable & interested, please write to with ideally a short writeup on any relevant past experience.

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