Position: Games Producer

Based in: Mumbai

Reporting to: CEO of the Company

Company Description

Games2win is one of the largest casual mobile gaming companies in the world. We own over 50 proprietary mobile games with over 230 million downloads and an extremely strong global user base. Most of our games such as Driving Academy, International Fashion Stylist, Decisions have notched top ranks on App stores. We are based in Mumbai and Bangalore and have a really cool, fun loving team of over 90 professionals who love to make awesome games that the world loves! Read more about the Company and download our games here.

Job Description

Senior Game Producer will be responsible for the existing and/or new games in development which includes delegating tasks to a team of designers, programmers and 2D/3D artists. He/She will be doing market studies of competitive games and continuously improving our games. He/She will be involved in discussing features, deadline, content with management. We would specifically appreciate Game Producers who have a domain experience in RPG (Sniper, Dress up, Narrative, Home Decor), Racing (Drag & Regular), Sports (3D Cricket) Games


  • Researching the WHY for a new game and creating a matrix of competition and our game that justifies the effort.
  • Ideating and presenting deep & innovative ideas for new games, new features to improve our existing portfolio of games.
  • Be completely involved in the Level Designing of the games (with game designers and direct intervention)
  • Be the owner of the GDD and closely monitor art, animation quality to ensure perfection and smooth user experience
  • Understand Game Economics, monetisation strategies and the concept of creating rewarded ad incentives.
  • Plan analytics events and iterate on the game by using data analytics (Firebase)
  • Studying market trends and iterate quickly with moving trends
  • Check the progress of the development of the games throughout all production stages.
  • Ensure communication with the Games2win management for project follow-up.
  • Lead a passionate team of artists, animators, analysts, creative writers, programmers and quality controllers.


  • An eye for perfection
  • User empathy with an obsession for user experience.
  • In-depth knowledge and passion for mobile games.
  • Highly motivated and drive to improve and innovate.
  • Shipped at least 3 games on Play Store/App Store with a complete understanding of the end to end production cycle
  • 4+ years of experience in Game production and market knowledge
  • A game designer with lots of game designing experience.
  • Experience in Data Analytics and the Freemium Business Model
  • A degree in Game Design / Fine Arts / Creative field would be an important asset.


  • Join a leading global mobile games publisher
  • Join a team of young passionate gamers in a highly profitable established business providing exponential career growth and learning capabilities
  • Be proud to deliver the prestigious products that are top-ranked, globally
  • Be proud to receive tons of love and thanks from game players!
  • Convert your idea to game that millions of consumers would love to play
  • Be a part of Games2win – well established, global leader, in Mobile Games backed by a business group in existence for 20 years!
Next Steps

If the role interests you, then we have an assignment for you:

Download and play our game – 4 X 4 Dirt Racing available on the Android Store here.

Data: The game generates 10-12k Organic downloads day. It is ranked amongst the top 150 Racing Games in the Android Free Play ranks in the USA. The LTV of the game is about 30 cents (US)

A) If you were given complete ownership of this game, what would you do and why?

In your plan, share:

– Product enhancements, features, UI, UX suggestions, Monetisation ideas, Content plans
– Team members, you would require and their timelines to produce the game as per your specifications?
– How would you improve the game’s monetisation? Racing is a very high LTV genre in Mobile Casual Gaming. What you do to leverage the same (You could play competing games and share revenue idea and inspiration.

B) At a later date, if you were given absolute independence to produce a game (assuming 6 months that include yourself, a game designer, artists & a programmer), which hame would you like to produce and why?

Substantiate your pitch with monetisation, ability to generate downloads, the differentiator and the long term value the game will create! If you need more details from us, we are more than happy to provide them to you.

Send your thoughts with your introduction and expectations to –  hr@games2win.com