Role: Technical Artist

Based in: Mumbai

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Implement optimizations and monitor the performance of the game
  • Identify and implement art pipeline optimizations 
  • Create technical benchmarks to be used in production
  • Implement technical art features with the help of the programming team
  • Offer technical support to the art team in day-by-day production issues
  • Create and maintain technical documentation
  • Share best-practices and new tools with other artists

Educational Qualification:

  • Minimum 1 year of experience in digital art content creation pipeline, ideally in the video game industry
  • The number and variety of tech art areas of interest in your past activity is also important
  • Experience in a full digital art content creation pipeline (high and low-poly modelling, unwrapping, baking, texturing, level art)
  • Good artistic skills (proportion, color, composition)
  • Ability to create technical documentation
  • Knowledge and interest in the following tech art areas:
      1. Shading
      2. Scripting
      3. Lighting
      4. Rendering and Post Processing Effects
      5. VFX
      6. Rigging and animation
      7. Physics simulations

Next Steps:

  • If this role as a Technical Artist at Games2win interests you, please complete the following assignment and send it to us, along with your profile, for consideration.



Please download this zip file (Download link) and unzip the same on your local computer. This zip file contains the following: 

  • Roadsign_city.unitypackage
  • TS_SED_005.unitypackage


Prior knowledge of Unity3D, Unity Scenes, Art Optimization, 3DSMax/Maya or any other equivalent 3D Software. 

Game engine: Unity 2018.4.16f1

Create an empty project and import “Roadsign_city.unitypackage” and “TS_SED_005.unitypackage” in Unity.

Assignment Deliverables:

The objective of this assignment is optimization of the 3D environment for MOBILE devices, keeping in mind not to degrade the visual quality of the environment.

  1. There is a 3D environment in the “Roadsign_city” scene. The 3D environment is split in two parts.
    1. Given reference image TODO_REFERENCE.PNG, indicates the part of the 3D environment that requires optimization. You will have to optimize the 3D model in terms of poly-count, structuring the environment, modifying shaders if possible, reducing the number of materials, etc. All possible optimization techniques must be applied on the 3D part of the scene.
    2. Given reference image TO_ASSES_REFERENCE.PNG, indicated the part of the 3D environment that is required only to be assessed and NOT worked upon. After assessment, note your findings and ways to optimize them in a document.
  2. Bonus point: Assess the “TS_SED_005” Car model, note your findings and ways to optimize them in a document.

Submission: Optimised Roadsign_city and a Document of assessment.

Please send your response to the above assignment along with your updated Resume and Portfolio link to