When you run a global games Company with players from 200-+ countries, you’re constantly stressing – am I delighting my players? Is the UI/UX the best? Do our games make them comfortable to serve them better? At Games2win, we keep trying to marry real-world scenarios and real-world requirements with the virtual world of games. We keep trying to bring in a lot of input from what we understand about how things work for people in general and try them in our games.

One such thought was, how to cater to left-handed players, in our games. Being Left Handed or Right Handed is a natural phenomenon, and at Games2win India Pvt Ltd, we considered this carefully. Basically, if our players feel comfy being RHS or LHS, what do we do? How do we appease them and what should we change in the UI/UX accordingly?

One primary thing to make games work is ‘delight’, it’s the fun of playing games, but there are also very small things that you can make changes with the entire user experience. Instead of making a level easier for a player, it is better to make the “playing” easier. This keeps the fun of winning a level intact while increasing the lifespan of the user in a game. And that is the best you can do for your UI/UX strategy.

We made a small change in our UI, where the user is able to switch the clickable elements on the screen from left to right, and analyzed how the UX got impacted. Here is how that went!

UI change in Dress Up Fashion Stylist - Games2win
End result for UI change

Analytics >> Delight >> Profit

This is one of the many examples, that you need to be open to global data and not just the data within your product, to be able to scale things. And the more you care about your users/players, the bigger your get in your field.

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