Starting from December 2018, we will publish our realized eCPMs across the top regions in the world for our suite of Android and iTunes games.

# How may this be useful to you?
– We never found a ‘global‘ benchmark of eCPMs for mobile games across top global markets segregated by ad banner types, further segregated by platforms! If you’ve been looking for the same, then here is ours to use!
– If you are puzzled seeing a number (you may be getting less / dunno how to get that value), you can simply write to us on! Games2win ADOPS will swing in to help you!
– If you’re getting better rates that we are, we would love if you can share the same with us! We will be at your door asking for help!
– Above all, this is done with the spirit of SHARING & CARING! We must build a culture of giving away what we can so that we ALL get much more!

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